How Blacks are treated in AMERICA

Truth about Blacks in the Entertainment Industry

AJ Billions
2 min readMar 26, 2021


I’ll keep this short and sweet with videos to explain how in 2021, “some” BLACKS are still in bondage, slavery, controlled, limited, face discrimination, etc…

Earlier today, Friday, March 26, 2021, Dee Strange-Gordon was released from the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. For those unfamiliar with the baseball term “released,” it translates to FIRED!

DEE is basically like a client, younger brother and colleague to me. I was the person that made the call, while sitting at Houston’s Restaurant in New York with his Father (Tom “Flash” Gordon), to Dejon Watson in 2007 about Devaris Strange, and since that point, Dee was born.

How are Blacks treated?

First, I, AJ BILLIONS, prefer to use the term melanated as people are not colored, therefore, from this point on, I will refer to those that look like me as melanated.

Let’s begin with Dave Chappelle. Dave recently posted the truth on his IG (Instagram) about what he endured during his career.

click to view Dave’s IG video (#1)

click to view Dave’s IG video (#2)

Moving on…Remember the show LIVING SINGLE?

Listen to what TC Carson had to say about ALL that they experienced in the below video:

DID YOU KNOW, Friends was stolen from Living Single. Listen to John Henton’s account below:

Listen to how Debra Wilson was treated by Mad TV below:



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