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Being that the entertainment industry is in the midst of the wild, wild, West or shall I say, the content revolution, what is the secret recipe for good content?

cast of This is Us during Q&A after private season 3 episode 1 screening
(Left to Right: AJ Billions and Dan Fogelman)

This Is Us launched season 3 yesterday on NBC and Creator Dan Fogelman has the secret recipe; keep reading to discover the ingredients to epic content.

During the Q&A portion of the night, when asked about the character Randall played by Sterling K. Brown, Fogelman was closed lip, but did state that “Randall’s plot line this season will go in a surprising direction. I feel really strongly that this season is as strong as we’ve ever been. I feel really confident about what we have.”

I double dog dare you to keep reading, or would you prefer a truth or dare, ok, I’ll allow you to swear on your mother, or you may swear on your life, which option will you choose? Confused yet, during the season 3 premiere, the catch phrase, “will you swear on Oprah” is introduced. Mark my words, these 5 words will become mainstream and the world will be swearing on Oprah for decades to come.

Left: Hannah Zeile and Chrissy Metz / Right: AJ Billions and Chrissy Metz

The role of Kate is played by Chrissy Metz. Kate deals with issues througout This Is Us that most humans can relate to. The highlight of the night was Metz discussing life and the journey that we all go through.

“I just believe it’s not what happens to you, but for you. Every single thing that we get to go through as individuals we get to help our communities, collectively our friends, and our family; and that just when you think I can’t do this, I can’t go through this, it’s happening, because it’s supposed to happen. We might not always see it that way, our ego and our pride really want something differnt, but I just know that things happen as they should and that everybody has their own real beautiful journey.” said Metz.

We’re almost ready for the secret recipe to great content, but first let me drop a few spoiler alerts. Kevin played by Justin Hartley has a new love interest, there will be 3 stand alone episodes for the significant others including a stand alone episode with Chris Sullivan who plays Toby, Emmy winner Ron Cephas Jones who plays William will be back for season 3 and there will be a lot of time travel.

Left to Right: Justin Hartley, Chris Sullivan and Ron Cephas Jones

Jones said, “I feel like an audience member, I don’t know anything.” Seems as though Fogelman recently leaked a photo of a baby which has something to do with Jones’s character. “I just really feel blessed to sit here today,” Jones added. Fogelman joked that the photo may have been released when Fogelman was drunk on a plane or for fans to blow up Jones Instagram (as Cephas age 61 recently opened an IG account).

Ok, finally, what is the secret recipe to great content?


“Our secret is that we have very good writers, that makes stuff feel more natural than it is. We have 12 people sitting in the writers room, we do it equally. We play with time.” Fogelman stated. He also discussed the process of holding private screenings of episodes just for all the writers to screen in the writers room and that they go through boxes of tissues during these screenings.

Fogelman also stated that the story is not how it ends up, it’s how you get there. He went on to say time creates twist in your life and that if you look at tapes of your life at 10, 20, 40 and 60 years, your life will seem like it has a lot of twists in it.

Well, if the writers are all tears for season 3, stock up on your tissues and prepare for another epic season of the hit NBC show, THIS IS US.

**this story was picked up by the Daily 49er***





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