Tiger Woods just SHUT the media UP!!

Being a black journalist as well as a former professional athlete, covering golf is a…wellll…um, a verrrry unique experience for me. Let’s face it, being that there is basically only 1 black golfer, it’s weird covering the PGA TOUR when Tiger Woods is not playing, especially when that golfer is arguably the greatest golfer of all time. Hence, I have not covered golf since 2015.

Tiger Woods won his 80th PGA TOUR title moments ago. Today is a day that will not only go down in golf history, but in American history.

What TRULY happened to Tiger Woods, listen to Dick Gregory explain in below video:

@ 7:33 Dick Gregory explains what TRULY happend to Tiger Woods

Dick Gregory also said this about Tiger Woods, see below:

Not only has Tiger dealt with racism, fans try to distract him, announcers attempt to jinx him on air and Mr. Woods receives numerous death threats, read articles below:

more on Tiger’s death threats below:

As a black person, we are faced with RACISM daily; 90% of the time we have nobody to vent to, therefore, we just go about our day as our skin grows thicker and thicker with each and every incident.

As a celebrity, as in Tiger Woods, when you have multi-million dollar endorsements and are the highest profile golfer in the world, every word that comes out of your mouth is calculated, we will NEVER truly know all that Tiger has gone through and how hard it was for him to do what he did today.

What I will say (as I just Tweeted), is that Tiger Woods just gave every black person in America hope.

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley were all over Tiger when he came on the scene, but when the media attacked Tiger, where were these guys?

In 2011, the media said this about Tiger, video below:

Charles Barkey on Tiger Woods, video below:

Charles Barkley selling Tiger Woods out

I owned a condo in Orlando, FL during 2011 when the initial “Tiger” incident happended and the word in the professional sports circle was guys hated Tiger because he was sloppy with his personal affairs. Rumor had it that Tiger’s ex-wife Elin Nordegren was seen with other guys around Orlando, but the media NEVER went there.

The media called Nordegren a model. WHAT? A model…hmmmm

Just because Nordegren is blonde, blue eyed and cute does not mean she is a model. Similarly, just because one spends all day editing photos on Instagram, DOES NOT equate to being a professional model. Let’s clear the air, Nordegren was a broke immigrant nanny that Tiger rescued.

Every black role model has either been a victim of an unsolved murder or murdered by the media (Biggie, 2pac, MJ, Prince, MLK, Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, the list goes on and on). Today I will speak on behalf of Black Americans. The internal fortitude, self belief, and against all odds attitude that Tiger put on display today is not only admirable, but inspirational.

Tiger and I are the same age and I share a special bond with Tiger. I was on the 18th green with Tiger in 2012 covering the tournament as he won the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando, FL. He gave me a nod that will remain with me for the rest of my life. My first national commercial was with Tiger Woods. I would also occassionally run into Tiger Woods in VIP at the Blue Martini in Orlando.

My first time covering Tiger Woods was EPIC. Standing directly behind him and interviewing his friend Ahmad Rashad was unforgettable, video below:

covering Tiger at a golf tournament

covering a practice round with Tiger, see video below:

covering Tiger Woods @ 4:44 in video

Black Journalist Stephen A. Smith talking to Skip Bayless said Tiger would NEVER return, video below:

another black journalist Jemele Hill said, “All her money would be on Tiger retirng.” She went on to state that Tiger should walk away from golf and that his next press release should state “I Retire,” see SHOCKING video below:

Today, I stand not only inspired by Tiger, not only proud, not only encouraged, not only strong, not only hopeful, but happy to see the fake news media forced to support Tiger Woods and excited to follow Tiger as he breaks every golf record imaginable.

Who’s the greatest golfer of all time? Michael Jordan may have turned his back on Tiger, but Jordan answers this question in the below video.

Michael Jordan may have turned his back on Tiger, but this video is EPIC!

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**this story was picked up by the Daily 49er***


Happy Sunday!! Tiger Wins, Tiger Wins, Tiger Win!



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