Who is AJ Billions?

From interviewing President Trump to the New York Yankees, AJ Billions has traveled across America & Canada interviewing the most prominent people in the world.

AJ Billions
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This is just a glimpse at who AJ Billions is.

Ask AJ Billions who he is and AJ will say, “I am a soul in flesh. This flesh is living the gift that was planted deep with the soul of me. I am a melanated man with a unique voice brought to this planet to stand up for justice. I am a Human and Civil Rights Leader. I am. I exist. Just as God is and Energy is.”

If that wasn’t enough, ask AJ what he wants and, wait for it, are you sitting?

Here goes, “What do you want is not a cut and dry question. I want many things. I want can be personal, material, spiritual, sexual or a plethora of other things; an infinite amount of possibilities. My thoughts become things so there are a lot of things I think about. I get everything I want. I had 5 goals as a child and I accomplished all 5 of those before my 35th birthday. I trust in a higher power, call that power or powers what you want, but with my internal fortitude, the power within me, my Ancestors, Angels, Watchers, Keepers, the Energy of the Sun of the Earth, Moon Energy so forth and so on, I have everything. God owns it all, therefore, if I am one with God, I have everything and want nothing.”

AJ went on the state, “in the physical dimension and spiritual realm, I have many wants. I set an intention, visualize, meditate and my thoughts manifest.”

Below is a list of the things that AJ Billions wants:


Use my platform for truth, JUSTICE and EQUALITY

AJ Billions completed the question of what he wants by saying this:

“A $500,000,000.00 First Look Deal is waiting for me. I know my worth! With this, I will create many jobs. It is said, better for a person to develop jobs than for a person to spend their lifetime working a job. As they say, a job is Just — Over — Broke. A job is essentially spending a lifetime allowing other people to live their dreams. Mark Cuban gave Ryan Seacrest an investment of $100,000,000.00; Tyler Perry was provided an upfront 10-year Hundred Million Dollar deal as well.”

You heard that Hollywood, UNIVERSE, AJ Billions is determined to receive his Five Hundred Million Dollar First Look Deal.

AJ Billions is proud to state that most of the people in his life are famous. Either professional athletes, millionaires, billionaires or celebrities.

My database contains personal numbers and emails to billionaires, millionaires and celebrities, however, me knowing GOD is more powerful, says AJ Billions.

AJ Billions is a Los Angeles Screenwriter, Showrunner and Executive Producer. AJ’s first film featured Tiffany Haddish and Obba Babatunde, see below:

AJ’s Billions initial Film starring Tiffany Haddish, Obba Babatunde and the Mayor of Los Angeles

AJ Billions played professional baseball and has appeared in over 45 commericals.

AJ Billions was cast alongside Rihanna & worked on set with Chris Rock.

After playing professional baseball, AJ Billions become CEO of his own production company logging thousands of high profile celebrity interviews.

Below are photos of AJ’s impressive TV Hosting career.

AJ Billions interviewing President Trump
Left to Right (CC Sabathia, Katie and Denise Austin, Jake Arrieta)

AJ Billions also gets invited to cover the most exclusive events…

Left to Right (Dustin Johnson, Floyd Mayweather, Christina Milian)

“I love his energy” ~ Christina Milian

“AJ Billions has a lot of energy…wow,” says Vivica A. Fox.

AJ Billions is on the Dr. Sebi diet and only consumes 100% organic.

AJ Billions has achieved all of his life goals, mentors, coaches, inspires, and is involved in various charity endeavors.

Visit AJBillions.com to learn more

AJ Billions began in the entertainment industry as a teenage model, see ad below.

AJ Billions is currently sponsored by Robert Graham, Honest Tea and Donald J Pliner

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AJ Billions

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